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Why does Hairdreams only sell to certified partner salons?

An idea central to our business is that Hairdreams hair and systems are exclusively reserved for certified Hairdreams partners. This not infrequently causes sceptical looks and leads to lots of questions. In this article we explain why we only sell to certified partners, and answer some of the typical questions that come up.

Quality down to the smallest detail

Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality and impeccable service — from the sourcing and preparation of the hair to the fitting of extensions and hair thickening systems. We use only the highest quality European raw hair because it’s silkier and smoother, and because it’s the only type of hair that naturally occurs in all colour spectrums: from dark to (light) blonde, red and light brown. Any hair with split ends, broken cuticles or low keratin content is discarded.

For more than 30 years we’ve been producing premium human hair creations. Every single Hairdreams creation is unique because every Hairdreams hair is hand-selected by colour. The keratin content, split ends and cuticles are examined by skilled workers using the latest technology. And because our hair is hand-selected based on colour, the 7-star hair does not have to be chemically treated to achieve the desired colour. Our hair is handled with the utmost care at every stage of the process.

7-star quality hair

Healthy, untreated European raw hair in all natural colours is used for our 7-star quality hair. Individual hairs are sorted by colour with a magnifying glass and tweezers and then carefully adjusted by up to one tone to match the Hairdreams colour scale. Our 7-star hair is of unsurpassed quality, feels incomparably soft and has a wonderfully silky shine that meets the highest demands.

Training – the final key to success

We hope that in the last two paragraphs we were able to make it clear to you how important the quality of Hairdreams hair is. Now imagine if we were to sell this high-quality processed hair “freely” on the internet and that anyone was able to fit it without any training. It wouldn’t make any sense to carry out every single step with the utmost care and accuracy and then forget about quality at the fitting stage.

Certified Hairdreams partner salons receive comprehensive training from a Hairdreams trainer for each of our systems. These courses consist of both a theoretical and a practical part, where the fitting skills are meticulously practised. Even after the training, our partner salons and Hairdreams Customer advisors stay in regular contact to answer questions, provide additional training and keep Hairdreams partners up to date. In this way, we can guarantee that our systems are properly fitted.

The approach also allows us to provide wearers of Hairdreams hair with perfect customer service. If you have any questions, please contact the Hairdreams Academy-Salon or reach out to us directly for first-class and professional information and support.

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