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Real hair systems: immediate solutions for full men's hair

Almost every second man is confronted with hair loss sooner or later

However, you do not have to resign yourself to thinning hair or baldness. Our real hair systems will help you have a natural fullness of hair. We integrate high-quality real hair into your own hair. It is reliably fixed, without any restrictions in everyday life and easy to care for.

A full head of hair instead of baldness

When the scalp shows through thinning hair more and more or bald patches can no longer be hidden, many men desperately look for solutions for getting their old full hair back. The good news is: you have just found it!

Our real hair systems will help you to have a full head of hair in no time at all. It looks and feels absolutely natural. In every situation: when your partner runs her hand through you hair, during a strenuous football match or when you take your helmet off after an adventurous motorcycle ride.

Personal advice

For your cool hairstyle, Hairdreams offers a range of real hair systems. Trained professionals at our partner salons will advise you which system will solve your individual hair problem the best. Simply arrange a non-binding first consulting appointment and find out for yourself.

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Can be worn for up to two years

Hairdreams real hair systems consist of healthy, untreated real hair with an intact hair cuticle. Thanks to the exceptional 7-star hair quality, you can reuse your Hairdreams hair several times if cared for optimally and wear it up to two years with regular hairdresser visits.

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Customised care

Caring for your Hairdreams hair is easy and time-saving. Thanks to our specially developed care products it and your own hair are supplied with important nutrients. Your hair will therefore remain smooth and shiny for an especially long time. For healthier and noticeably stronger hair.

Hannes (38)

Hairdreams has restored my self-confidence!

The hair system is even better than I’d expected. Handling it at home was tricky for me in the beginning, but I was always given helpful tips at the Hairdreams salon and now everything works swimmingly. I can really only recommend the service.

Beautiful hair is a matter of trust

Full hair in four steps:

  1. Simply call us, send us a WhatApp-message, an e-mail or fill out our contact form
  2. Arrange a non-binding first appointment and enjoy detailed professional advice
  3. Set the date for your big day
  4. Finally enjoy the feeling of full hair again
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FAQ – Hairdreams real hair systems

What is the advantage of real hair integration compared to a hair transplant?

In a hair transplant, the quantity of hair remains the same – the existing hair is just distributed differently. In addition, the mostly genetically caused hair loss continues even after the transplant and some of the planted hair is rejected by the body. New bald patches thus continue to form and the result often does not fulfil expectations.

Real hair integration is different: the available own hair is supplemented with high-quality real hair. The hair volume increases and the hair looks significantly fuller overall. The hair distribution can also be individually adapted so that e.g. bald patches can be cleverly covered.

What type of hair does the hair integration consist of?

We primarily use high-quality real hair that is selected according to strict ethical criteria. The quality of our hair is unique worldwide and is our trademark. At Hairdreams, all real hair is inspected individually and only the best is used – this is an incredibly elaborate process but which is worth it especially for our customers. The high quality is one of the reasons why Hairdreams real hair integrations look so natural.

Is there an alternative to real hair integration?

No, but to complement it we recommend our patented hair loss treatment Stop&Grow®, which actively combats hair loss. Especially for men, we have developed the Stop&Grow® MEN special series with a masculine fragrance. Use of the products is especially uncomplicated and quick. If you are interested, the hair professionals at a Hairdreams salon near you will be happy to advise.

Why do only your partner salons offer Hairdreams real hair integrations?

Because only certified partners are allowed to work with Hairdreams products. This ensures that our hairdressers are optimally trained and that you are in the reliable hands of absolute professionals.

Does real hair integration harm my own hair?

No, our methods have been especially developed for fine hair and are therefore gently on your own hair and scalp. This starts with patented and worldwide unique methods for fixing and ends with specially developed products for the gentle removal of real hair integrations.

Are there any restrictions in everyday life?

No, even riding a motorcycle, with putting the helmet on and taking it off again frequently, is no problem. That is the big advantage of real hair integration: the new, additional hair becomes part of your own hair. There is therefore no risk of anything slipping, as is the case for conventional wigs.

How long does a Hairdreams real hair integration last?

Depending on the system used, the degree of wear and the quality of home care, you can wear your real hair integration for up to 10 months. If you choose our legendary 7-star hair quality, you can reuse your real hair system several times and thus wear it for up to 2 years.

Is a real hair integration possible even in case of severe hair loss or bald patches?

Of course! Our hair integration methods have even been developed especially for these severe cases and ensure full, thick hair no matter what hair problem you have.

Do I have to visit the hairdresser regularly with a hair integration?

Yes, to ensure that the hair integration fits perfectly, it needs to be refixed to the hairline anew approx. every 3 to 6 weeks at your Hairdreams salon. This is because your own hair is constantly growing and the integration could therefore otherwise loosen.

Does health insurance cover costs?

In many cases, health insurances cover part of the costs. The professionals at our Hairdreams salon can help you with the application.

How should I wash and style my hair?

Wash your hair as described in the care instructions. Your Hairdreams hairdresser will show you how to do it. You can blow dry and style your hair as usual.

Our special care products will also help to keep your Hairdreams hair and your own hair smooth and shiny. The professionals at our Academy-Salon will give you detailed advice about optimal hair care.


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