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Silky soft, healthy, and strong down to the ends – Hairdreams uses superior quality hair for an unparalleled look and feel.

Healthy, strong and 100% real human hair

Our hair creations are made using human hair with virtually 100% of the cuticle intact and damage-free, scientifically proven by studies conducted at Aachen University.* In cheaper hair samples reviewed in the same study, there was up to 80% damaged hair. The consequence of this damage? Hair is more likely to tangle and lose its shine and colour — an absolute no-go for Hairdreams.

*Electron microscope study, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Möller

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Our processing facility

We’ve been hand-crafting premium hair creations in our processing facility for over 30 years. With proven methods, secret formulas and the latest patented technology, we ensure that every single Hairdreams creation is unique.

Our experts carefully check and sort each individual hair by colour; only around 30% of the hair we process meets our strict quality standards. Through this careful selection process, we guarantee that only the finest hair goes on to become a Hairdreams creation. This is Remy hair: hair whose cuticles are intact and oriented in the same direction.

The secrets of premium Hairdreams hair

The raw hair quality is key

Raw hair refers to hair that is processed into various hair products such as extensions. It’s not uncommon for companies to pay little attention to the condition of the raw hair they sell. In many cases, dyed, bleached or damaged raw hair is coated in silicone so that it appears healthy and strong at first glance. After a few washes, the shocking truth emerges, however: the shine fades, and the hair becomes matted and straw-like.

Hairdreams avoids these business practices. Our philosophy is based on the premise that high-quality hair creations can only be made from high-quality raw hair. That’s why we exclusively use healthy and untreated raw hair that has been neither dyed or bleached.

European raw hair is the only type we use for our creations. But what is European raw hair exactly? There are three basic types of hair: African, Asian, and European. They differ in shape and thickness; European hair is silkier and smoother and is the only hair type that naturally occurs in (ash) blonde, red and light brown tones. We sort into colours strand by strand so that we don’t have to treat the hair with potentially harmful chemicals to get the desired colour.

Dream hair that’s responsible and fair

Our raw hair comes from all around the world — from Eastern Europe and Russia to countries throughout the Caucasus and as far away as South America. We procure our raw hair from anywhere that people are willing to provide their hair for payment. The basic requirement is that their own (raw) hair is not chemically treated in any way such as dyed or bleached.

We adhere to a strict code of ethical guidelines that goes far beyond the typical standards of our industry. Hairdreams hair can be worn with pride and a clear conscience.

  • Healthy hair – exclusively from adults who voluntarily donate their hair
  • Fair payment for all donors
  • Highest health and safety standards during production and processing

Creating Hairdreams hair

An intricate manufacturing process, thousands of hours of work and hundreds of trained hands guarantee unparalleled hair quality.

Natural colour blending

All Hairdreams hair is gently intermixed with at least three to four subtly different tones. This process is called “blending”. The hair blends in with your own hair since it also consists of several subtly different colour tones. The colour blending is one of the reasons why Hairdreams hair looks incredibly natural.

Amazing colour range from natural to bold

Our human hair extensions are available in countless gorgeous colours: from soft natural tones to trendy colours. In fact, we can make any colour you can dream up!

Available now in all Hairdreams salons: Platinum Grey, Smokey Blond, Copper Peach and Cool Brunette – with the new hair colours you’ll be right on trend in 2024.

Anything is possible: we’ve created hair using real gold, sparkling neon and loads of other weird and wonderful colours for extravagant Hairdreams fans such as avant-garde designer Charlie le Mindu and pop icon Lady Gaga.

Hair lengths up to 80 cm

We love long hair. And we love making long-hair dreams come true. We stock bundles up to a proud 60 cm. Still not long enough for you? Upon request, we can also produce extra-long hair up to 80 cm.

Maximum volume. All the way to the ends

Another special feature of Hairdreams hair is that every strand is at least as long as the length ordered. Many suppliers advertise hair as 60 cm, despite only some of it actually being 60 cm long. Towards the bottom, this hair becomes thinner, and the ends appear limp and frayed. This is what’s known as shorter lengths. Hairdreams hair contains almost no short lengths. In fact, we go far beyond the industry norm: not only is our hair at least as long as advertised, it’s often 2–6 centimetres longer. So Hairdreams hair advertised as 60 cm is actually 62–66 cm in length. For you, this means more styling options and maximum volume all the way to the tips. Plus, less hair is needed overall.

The Hairdreams guarantee

Enjoy your new hair to the full, without worrying about it losing its splendour after washing or styling with Hairdreams extensions. Our hair insurance guarantees that your Hairdreams hair will retain its impeccable quality for the first wearing period, i.e. from the first day you wear it until the first re-fit. Hairdreams hair can even be refitted several times depending on the quality you choose.

Our hair is handmade, so small flaws and imperfections occur occasionally. This is a sign and proof that there was a human behind the product. In the exceptional case that something isn’t as it should be, our Hairdreams helpline and your Hairdreams hairdresser are there to help you. It’s important to take proper care of your Hairdreams hair and use our specially developed care products. You can find all the care information in your personal Hairdreams care pass that comes with your hair, or you can simply ask the professionals on our helpline.

Easy to care for

Taking care of your Hairdreams hair is simple and convenient. Extensions need special care and attention because, unlike your own hair, they don’t receive essential nutrients from the scalp. We’ve developed a complete line of hair care products to keep your extensions shiny and smooth, while also caring for your own hair.

Customised colours, lengths and textures

Special requests or ideas? If you can dream it, we can make it. From special colour blends to custom lengths – our experts can produce made-to-order creations to meet your special requests.

Beautiful hair is a matter of trust

How to get your Hairdreams hair:

  1. Simply call us, send us a WhatApp-message, an e-mail or fill out our contact form
  2. Make a non-binding first appointment and enjoy professional advice
  3. Set the date for your big day
  4. Enjoy your Hairdreams hair to the full
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