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Hair extension for men

From a trendy man bun to a casual surfer hairdo!

Our hair extensions with premium real hair are among the highest quality on the market and look so natural that they cannot be distinguished from your own hair. Without any restrictions in everyday life and easy to care for.

Trendy long-haired look for every man

Long hair has not been just a women’s thing for a long time. Men are also increasingly requesting a cool long-haired style at our partner salons. Thanks to the huge range of possibilities, we can realise any hairstyle wish – no matter what hair length of hair colour you would like. We will put together your hair extension just for you, adapted to your styling habits, your own hair and your preferences.

Top hair extension for men

We carry out our hair extensions with high-quality real hair. The result?

  • Permanently fixed and extra long durability
  • Gentle on your own hair and scalp
  • Feels and looks like your own hair – nobody will notice the difference
  • Fits reliably in every situation, sport etc.
  • Every hair length and hair colour can be implemented – even cool colour effects are possible
  • Can be removed quickly, gently and without residue at any time
  • Choose between three unbeatable hair qualities.

Customised care

Caring for your Hairdreams hair is easy and time-saving. Thanks to our specially developed care products it and your own hair are supplied with important nutrients. Your hair will therefore stay smooth and shiny for an especially long time. For healthier and noticeably stronger hair.

Robert (48)

Men can also wear hair extensions!

I’ve been wearing Hairdreams extensions for years. Although I actually always thought that extensions were nothing for men, Hairdreams convinced me. I had never thought they would be so easy to handle. I’m really delighted!

Mike (40)

Hairdreams has made my dream hairdo possible!

I had always had long hair, but not long or thick enough for my liking. With the Hairdreams tapes I finally have my length of 50cm and can do cool hairstyles with it. I’m really very satisfied.

Leon (24)

With my hair extensions I can do everything!

These are my very first hair extensions and I would never have thought that their care would be so easy. I’m also very surprised that I don’t notice the tapes at all during sport. I’m totally convinced and would wear them again any time!

Beautiful hair is a matter of trust

How to get your Hairdreams hair extension:

  1. Simply call us, send us a WhatApp-message, an e-mail or fill out our contact form
  2. Arrange a non-binding first appointment and enjoy detailed professional advice
  3. Set the date for your big day
  4. Enjoy your attractive long hairstyle to the full
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FAQ – hair extension with Hairdreams

How much does a Hairdreams hair extension cost?

Every hair extension of ours is individually customised to the customer, so the price also varies. The quality of your own hair must first be assessed, as well as establishing which hairstyle you would like. The costs also depend on the service you enjoy at your Hairdreams salon.

We recommend that you arrange a non-binding first appointment at a Hairdreams salon near you . After a detailed consultation, our certified hair professionals can provide detailed price information.

Which type of hair is used for the hair extension?

We exclusively use specially selected premium real hair, which is sourced throughout the world according to strict ethical principles. The high quality of our real hair is our trademark and one of the reasons why our extensions look so natural. An example of why Hairdreams hair is of an incomparable high quality: at our own manufacturing, we inspect all hair INDIVIDUALLY – strand for strand – and reliably discard damaged or grey hair.

How long does a Hairdreams hair extension last?

Up to one and a half years! The durability depends on what method is used, which hair quality you choose and how well the hair is taken care of. What’s more, we have developed our own care products especially for hair extensions, which are extremely easy and efficient to use.

How long should my own hair be for a hair extension?

Ideally your own hair should be 10 to 15 cm long. However, we offer a suitable solution for every hair problem – no matter what length, thickness or quality your own hair has.

Is the hair extension pleasant to wear?

Yes! Hairdreams hair extensions can scarcely be felt and are incomparably comfortable to wear. This is ensured on the one hand by innovative and patented fixing methods that are gentle on the scalp and your own hair, and on the other hand by the unbeatable quality of our real hair. Hairdreams hair feels and looks just like your own hair.

Hairdreams tips & trends

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