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Stop&Grow® for men – Hair Regeneration System: The power your hair were waiting for

Do you have thin hair and don't feel comfortable with it? Would you like to improve and increase your hair quality and density?

Stop&Grow® for men strengthen up your hair roots, locking in the nutrients your hair need. Strong, healthy and easy to manage, for a look that you haven’t experienced in while. All of it whilst helps and protect the scalp thanks to its special ingredients and UV Filter. Stylish and Powerful, gentle and effective… As every man should be!

A men's issue: hair thinning

Almost every second man is affected by hair issues. Some of us managed their way into it, for some others this lower the self confidence, and make us uncomfortable with our overall look. But what exactly is going on? Men are genetically predisposed, within the years, to reduce the hair thickness and loose some power. Stop&Grow® for Men prevents precisely this process and is proven to strengthen up the hair from the inside out. No wonder, because we developed this hair treatment together with a highly qualified team of expert, and test it on several men before reaching out to you.

The hair strengthen system that works!

The Stop&Grow for Men hair treatment is a special combination of at home usage products, that will completely change your day to day hair routine. Four products, different needs, all the power you need to boost your day with impeccable style.

  • Strengthen the hair from the inside out
  • Helps the scalp, regulating greasy hair and dandruff
  • No more snowflakes, no more flat hair, style up your days
  • Facilitate the growth of new stronger, healthier and easier to manage hair
  • Visibly more natural hair volume
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The Stop&Grow® effectiveness secret

Stop&Grow® is the unique hair regeneration system that works with a so-called “PHT complex”. This special combination of plants and collagen is extremely effective to regenerate and strengthen the hair. Our special formula is able to seal in the nutrients the hair needs, ensuring the right amount of proteins and keratinocytes to give them the incredible look your clients dream about.  The most powerful product range available in the market, for those who need to turn up the volume of their style and are looking to improve the hair thickness and add some density on top!

Customer rating: "very good"

In a comprehensive usage study*, we had the effect of Stop&Grow® for Men tested over a period of several years. Nearly all users reported after just a few weeks that the hair were extremely thicker and notice more density on the top of their heads. After 3-4 months of use, 96% of the participants confirmed that their hair had visibly and noticeably gained volume and rated Stop&Grow® for Men overall as “very good”.

* Usage study / Hairdreams Research, Graz / 2012-2014

How it works

  • A trained expert analyses your hair and scalp at a partner salon near you. Your individual treatment program is put together on this basis. So that you can understand how your treatment works, what are the expectations and when you can notice the first changes.
  • For a lasting satisfactory outcome, you also use the products daily at home. They supply your hair roots with PHT and other important substances. Application is easy and you will be delighted as success noticeably and visibly gradually sets in.
  • Few steps to change drastically your hair condition and have all the hair power you need

Our products

With a few products that are easy to use, from shampoo to intensive care, Stop&Grow® for Men supplies your hair and scalp with all the nutrients they need. Quick, easy, effective, powerful!

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Excellent on the Skin

In a study by the renowned Dermatest Institute, the skin tolerance of the Hairdreams Stop&Grow® PHT Elixir was examined and rated as “excellent”. *

* Dermatest Institute, Münster, 2014

Georgy (35)

I’m really delighted!

My hair loss has decreased a lot and my hair has felt a lot stronger since using Stop&Grow. I spray it onto my scalp in the evenings before going to bed and that’s it. In my opinion it is a very good product that is easy to use!

It's all about powerful hair!

How to boost your hair strength:

  1. Simply call us, send us a WhatApp-message, an e-mail or fill out our contact form
  2. Arrange a non-binding initial consultation
  3. Enjoy a detailed analysis of your hair growth and professional advice
  4. Start the Stop&Grow® for men hair treatment and benefit from the effect week by week
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