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Hair lengthening with bonding extensions

Sensationally comfortable to wear and extra long durability!

Bonding extensions look and feel just like your own hair! Running your fingers through a mane of hair or headbanging at a music concert? Go for it!

Your individual hair extension

Individual silky real hair strands are fixed to your own hair at discreet connection points, the so-called ‘bondings’. Our bondings are specially formed so that you can barely see or feel them. The special material is gentle on your own hair and is super flexible. Thanks to the different strand thicknesses, the Hairdreams extensions merge magically with your own hair.

  • No average standard hair extension but tailored precisely to your own hair, your hairstyle wishes and your habits.
  • Feels wonderfully natural, like your own hair
  • Endless hairstyle options guaranteed: plait, bun, put-up hairdo – everything is possible.
  • Can be removed at any time quickly, gently and without residue.
  • Choose between two exceptional hair qualities.

High-tech solutions for reliable fixing

Our hair professionals at our Hairdreams salon will affix your bondings using two methods that are gentle on your real hair: the NANO and the FreeStyler methods.

The NANO method

With the laser beamer NANO developed exclusively by Hairdreams, several strands can be fixed at the same time, conjuring fabulous hair length in record time. Flat connecting points that cannot be felt ensure that the hair feels fantastic to wear and falls exceptionally naturally.


The FreeStyle method

It does not get more individual than this! With the FreeStyler, every extension is integrated individually. A variety of strand thicknesses ensures that your hair looks absolutely natural. The bondings themselves can be round or flat, depending which hairstyle you would like and what feels more comfortable for you.


Unique variety of colours, lengths and structures

Hairdreams bonding extensions are available in 9 hair textures, from extra-straight to very curly. Our standard hair lengths up to 55 cm also provide exactly the length you want. In addition, we can fulfil a length of up to 75 cm as a creative order.

You can choose from over 40 brilliant hair colours to create your dream hairstyle. Can’t find your favourite colour? We can produce Hairdreams hair in any colour in our own factory!

Trendy balayage styles and make-up effects with Hairdreams Root Shadows

Add beautiful colour accents to your hair with our Root Shadows! Thanks to their gentle colour gradient, they blend harmoniously with your own hair and are perfect for the fashionable balayage look.

In addition, the targeted arrangement of the two-coloured hair strands can be used to emphasise parts of the face in such a way that conventional make-up becomes superfluous. This special setting technique is called “HairContouring” and is offered by the hairdressing professionals in our Hairdreams Academy Center.

More about the Root Shadows

Reusable extensions

Our bonding extensions can be worn continuously for 4 to 6 months. The best feature of all: you can use them two to three times and have them refitted anew to your hairline. You can therefore enjoy wonderfully long hair for up to one and a half years – incredible but true! Our legendary 7-star hair quality makes it possible and at the same time goes easy on the wallet.

Customised care

Caring for your Hairdreams hair is easy and time-saving. Thanks to our specially developed care products your bonding extensions and your own hair are supplied with important nutrients. Your hairdo will therefore remain shiny and smooth for an especially long time. For healthier and noticeably stronger hair.

Selina (29)

I would never have dreamed I would have such long hair one day!

It feels incredibly good and caring for my Hairdreams hair is super easy. I can style it either smooth or wavy for a variety of looks. I can also easily make a plait or a bun for sport, without seeing the hair extensions. I am very very happy with Hairdreams!

Eveline (33)

What can I say? The difference is really huge!

I have been wearing hair extensions for many years and of course I was aware that Hairdreams is one of the leading brands. However, it was not clear to me why there was such a big price difference. After several extensions had been no good, strands had kept falling out or the hair often matted a lot, I went to Hairdreams. And since then I have simply been completely satisfied! The Hairdreams hair feels so silky and soft, shines beautifully and is really easy to comb even when wet.

Laura (28)

I’m just simply happy with my dream hairdo!

After a hairdressing mishap, I came to Hairdreams and was delighted from the very first minute, because even the consulting was highly professional. I wear bonding extensions that my Hairdreams hairdresser also combines with Tapes and Secrets. I especially always really have the feeling that the hairdressers really care about my own hair. I like experimenting with styling like plaits and buns – no problem at all, because you can simply never see anything of the hair extension. I love it!

Happy customers from our partner salons

Click through further customer reviews and photos with the stunning before and after effect of a hair extension with bonding extensions.

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Beautiful hair is a matter of trust

How to get your hair extension with bonding extensions:

  1. Simply call us, send us a WhatApp-message, an e-mail or fill out our contact form
  2. Arrange a non-binding first appointment and enjoy detailed professional advice
  3. Set the date for your big day
  4. Enjoy your new zest for life with your personal dream hairdo
Go to the salon

FAQ – Hairdreams Bonding-Extensions

How much does hair lengthening with bonding extensions cost?

Our hair extensions with bondings are – like every other Hairdreams extension – adapted precisely to your hairstyle wishes. There is no off-the-rack solution. We would like your extension to be just what you have always dreamt of. We can therefore not state fixed prices in advance. The costs depend, for example, on the hair quality you choose or on the service you enjoy at our Hairdreams salon.

It is best to arrange a non-binding appointment at a partner salon near you. The professionals there will provide detailed advice and can then say how much your dream hairstyle will cost.

Do the bonding extensions damage my hair and my scalp?

No, not at all! We use special and patented techniques for fixing the real hair strands, which are gentle on your own hair and your scalp. Your certified Hairdreams professional is perfectly trained for hair extension with bondings, so each will fit perfectly. The Hairdreams hair also surrounds your own hair and thus protects it optimally against environmental influences.

For how long can I wear my hair extension with bonding extensions?

Up to an unbeatable one and a half years! Our bonding extensions can be worn continuously for 4 to 6 months. If you choose our legendary 7-star quality, you can reuse them up to three times. We recommend that you visit your Hairdreams salon every four to six weeks for a check. Then you can always be sure that everything fits perfectly and comfortably.

How can I wash and style my hair extension with bondings?

With our specially developed care products your Hairdreams hair and your own hair are supplied with important nutrients. Your hairstyle is therefore not only perfectly cared for but also clearly stronger and healthier. Your Hairdreams hairdresser will explain to you in details how to wash your hair correctly.

You can also blow dry your hair quite normally and even style it with a curling iron or hair straightener. Therefore nothing is standing in the way of magnificent beach waves or an extra smooth mane of hair!

Are the connection points of the extensions visible?

No. The Hairdreams bondings are tiny and specially formed so that they cannot be seen. In addition, the hairdressers at our partner salons are specially trained. They know exactly how to apply the bondings perfectly.

Can I reuse the hair extension?

Yes! The bonding extensions of our unique 7-star quality can be reused several times due to their exceptional quality and thus be worn for up to one and a half years.

After 4 to 6 months, the real hair strands are carefully removed at your Hairdreams salon and the extensions are sent to the Hairdreams manufacturing. We check the hair there and provide a new bonding. We call this process “rebonding”. Then your hairdresser will replace the bonding extensions and you can enjoy a further 4 to 6 months with your wonderfully long hairdo.

Tip: a second set of your Hairdreams hair ensures that you are never without your hair. There are often very good deals on this. It is best to ask at your Hairdreams salon.

Does the removal of the bonding extensions hurt?

No, not at all. We have developed special methods for the especially gentle and careful removal of your hair extensions.

Are there also wavy bonding extensions?

Yes! You can choose between 9 different hair structures : from extra smooth to a natural wave or curly locks. Everything is possible. Professional tip: the smooth Hairdreams hair is slightly wavy when wet, so that fine beach waves are automatically created if the hair is left to dry naturally.

Can my Hairdreams hair extension become matted?

No, because Hairdreams hair is remy without exception. This means that the hair is orientated in the same direction, so that layers do not rub against each other and cause matting. Caring for your hair is also helped by our specially developed care products and the special Hairdreams brush. Your new hair will therefore remain smooth and shiny for a long time.

Tip for long (Hairdreams) hair: for optimal combing, you can tie your hair up or into a loose plait at night.


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