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Stop&Grow – Hair Regeneration System

Are you happy with your hair? Or would you like it to be stronger, healthier and shiner?

Our Stop&Grow® treatment regenerates your hair from the inside out, helping the growth of new stronger, shiner and healthier hair. Sealing in the nutrients the hair needs, brings it back to their juvenile state. It works!

Can we improve the quality of our hair once and for all?

More than 40 % of women are not happy with the quality of their hair. Thin, hard to style, fading color and so many more are the issues that a lot of women have to face every day. But what is actually behind it? Many factors can influence the quality of our hair: environmental exposure, nutrition, age, stress; all things that can affect the hair growth process, causing a lack of nutrients that changes the way our hair looks like. Stop&Grow® locks in the nutrients of our hair, prevents this very process and has been proven to drastically improve the quality of the hair. No wonder, because we developed this hair treatment together with a highly qualified team of expert, and test it on several women before reaching out to you.

Hair treatment with a long-term effect

The Stop&Grow hair treatment comprises both special products for professional use in a hairdressing salon as well as for your own daily care at home and is individually customised to your requirements.

  • soothes your sensitive scalp, eases itching, helps managing greasy hair and dandruff
  • noticeably improves your scalp, even after just a few applications
  • add volume to the hair roots
  • helps the growth of new stronger, healthier and shiner hair
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The Stop&Grow® effectiveness secret: a unique formula

Stop&Grow® is the unique hair regeneration system that works with a so-called “PHT complex”. This special combination of plants and collagen is extremely effective to regenerate and strengthen the hair. Our special formula is able to seal in the nutrients the hair need, ensuring the right amount of proteins and keratinocytes. Enjoy the incredible look you always dreamt about, bringing your hair back to its juvenile state.

Customer rating: „Very good“

In a comprehensive usage study* we had the effect of Stop&Grow® tested over a period of several years. Nearly all users reported after just a few weeks that the hair quality was drastically improved, and that their hair were already thicker than before. After 3-4 months of use, 96% of the participants confirmed that their hair had visibly and noticeably gained volume and gave Stop&Grow® the overall rating “very good”.

* Usage study / Hairdreams Research, Graz / 2012-2014

This is how it works

  • With the help of a high-resolution MicroScanner, traine experts at the partner salon near you analyse your hair and your scalp. On this basis, your individual treatment programme is put together. So that you can see how the treatment is taking effect, your progress is regularly monitored and documented.
  • For a lasting satisfactory result, you use the products daily also at home. They supply your hair roots with the PHT and other important substances. Application is easy and you will be delighted as you gradually see and feel the successful effect.

Nadine (33)

I’m very happy to have found this product!

After a strict diet, I lost an acute amount of my already very fine hair. With Stop&Grow, the severe hair loss was almost stopped after not even a month. My hair also grows back quicker and stronger now. In addition, my scalp is optimally cared for and is much healthier – no comparison to before!

Excellent skin tolerance

In a study by the renowned Dermatest Institute, the skin tolerance of the Hairdreams Stop&Grow® PHT Elixir was examined and rated as “excellent”. *

* Dermatest Institute, Münster, 2014

Beautiful hair is a matter of trust

How to get your personal Stop&Grow hair treatment:

  1. Simply call us, send us a WhatApp-message, an e-mail or fill out our contact form
  2. Arrange a non-binding first appointment
  3. Enjoy a detailed analysis of your hair growth and advice from professionals
  4. Start the Stop&Grow® hair treatment and monitor the effect week by week
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