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New Hair Colours at Hairdreams: Unveiling the trends that will define 2024

2024 is right around the corner, and with it comes exciting new trends in the world of hair colour. At Hairdreams, we’re always on the lookout for styles that not only impress but also express your individual character. In this blog post, we’ll give you an exclusive look at the hottest hair colour trends for the coming year.

The Hairdreams Colour Palette

Our standard range offers a wide variety of dazzling colours, from natural tones to on-trend fashion colours. In addition, we offer personalised colour creation, allowing you to craft individual and unique styles.

Platinum Grey: Silver Glamour for All

Silver hair has never been so stylish! “Platinum Grey” seamlessly blends silvery blonde with shimmering grey, creating a timeless and elegant look. If you think this shade is only for mature women, think again. This elegant new hair colour in our Hairdreams range suits all age groups and accentuates your personality in a very special way.

Cool Brunette: Natural Beauty in Cool Brown

Natural beauty is timeless, and “Cool Brunette” embodies that beauty perfectly. The cool brown tone enhances the diversity of natural hair colours and gives any look a stunning radiance. Perfect for anyone who loves and appreciates their natural hair colour.

Mix and Match: The Power of Combination

Are you head over heels for our new colours, but can’t decide on just one? We totally get it – we’re the same! Let us put you at ease right away; our brand-new colours go together perfectly. Mix and match to create your signature style, transforming you into a trendsetter in 2024. From subtle highlights to complete colour changes, you decide and our partner salons will make your wishes come true. Try it out – you’ll love it!

Your Hair, Your Style

No matter what trend you choose, express your personality through your hair. At Hairdreams, we believe that beauty lies in diversity. These new hair colour trends are here to highlight your uniqueness.
Feel free to get a no-obligation consultation at our Academy Salon to learn more about our hair thickening and extensions.

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