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Extravagant hairstyle art with Hairdreams hair

More than a dream

Lorenzo Marchelle’s collection clearly demonstrates that hairstyles are more than just a dream. They are an expression of personality and individuality. Hair, with its various colours, textures, and styles, plays a pivotal role in defining our appearance.  Teaming up Hairdreams, Marchelle captures precisely that in his creations. The collection not only showcases the versatility of Hairdreams Extensions for lengthening hair but also for adding individual colour highlights, enhancing thickness, or achieving precision. Hairdreams Extensions have the magical ability to elevate any look into something truly extraordinary.

Lorenzo Marchelle

Lorenzo Marchelle‘s passion for extraordinary hairstyles has been a part of him since he was young. The star hairstylist received the Best Italian Hairstylist of the Year award in 2018 and 2019. In 2022, he clinched the Visionary Award in the ‘Avantgarde’ category at the Alternative Hair Show.

Creating artistic hair designs using glossy Hairdreams hair, Lorenzo wowed the audience with an impressive performance at the 2023 Alternative Hair Show. His hairstyling is a fusion of passion and dedication, captivating people well beyond the boundaries of the fashion world.

The styles from the collection

Blonde Butterfly

Pure volume – the naturally falling waves create an irresistible appearance. This classic hair extension looks fantastic thanks to a perfected butterfly cut and curtain bangs. Hairdreams Quikkies in the colour “59 08A RS-S” create a radiant, shiny look. Enhancing the look with a playful braided hairstyle gives the whole look a certain lightness.

Funky Mullet

It couldn’t be trendier – the colourful mullet cut, inspired by the 80s, creates an eye-catching look in a modern style. With Hairdreams Quikkies in the colour “Turquoise”, a colourful detail was created to extend the cut and colour line. A good example of how trendy effects can be created with Hairdreams extensions.

Bowl Cut Mullet

The precisely rounded fringe – also known as the bowl cut – is making a comeback. In this hairstyle, it forms the perfect contrast to the longer effects at the back of the head. The elegant cut with the natural colour play of the extensions lends a certain sophistication and exudes class. An optical wet effect also emphasises the changeability of the look. Hairdreams Quikkies in the colours “ruby”, “platinum grey (60)” and “silver blonde (59)” were used for this.

Peach Fuzz breeze

Inspired by the 20s and 30s, this look, reimagined with Hairdreams Quikkies in the shade ‘Copper Peach (75)’ (aligning with the 2024 trend colour ‘Peach Fuzz’) brings a contemporary twist. The peachy curls impart a warm, glossy appearance, seamlessly blending volume and colour accents for expression and strength. The defined curls can be gently tousled, transforming into beautiful, untamed waves.

Color blocked Bob

The bob stands out as a timeless favourite among hairstyles, and it was a must-have in this exceptional collection. Adding extra volume to the mix, Hairdreams Quikkies in the shade ‘black (00)’ play a key role. To refresh the look, we’ve introduced chemical-free colour accents in ‘Silver Blonde (59).’ The carefully crafted asymmetry in lengths guarantees a polished appearance.

The Stylebook for the collection

Perfect for getting inspiration for unusual looks.



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