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The Hairdreams hair insurance

You are on the safe side with Hairdreams hair!

The Hairdreams hair insurance offers an extended product guarantee to those who buy Hairdreams haircare products together with their Hairdreams hair extensions, who verifiably use them and have the hair fitted by a hairdresser licenced by Hairdreams.

Our guarantee promise

As a wearer of Hairdreams hair, we give you the Hairdreams hair insurance, with the assurance that any manufacturing defects defined here are covered.

We fully stand by all our products, but Hairdreams hair represents delicate manual work, and where people work mistakes can also occur. Although our employees always do their best to provide the highest quality work, we cannot always guarantee that you will never have a problem.

Through the unique Hairdreams hair insurance, we guarantee you that in the event of an unforeseen problem we will ensure that it is solved quickly and easily for you.

This extended product guarantee is valid for 180 days from contract conclusion with your hairdresser.

Conditions for the Hairdreams hair insurance

The Hairdreams hair insurance only offers an extended product guarantee if you have purchased the Hairdreams haircare products detailed below and have verifiably used them for your Hairdreams hair. This must comprise at least the following Hairdreams care products within the 180-day period:

  • 4 x 200 ml Hairdreams Shampoo
  • 4 x 200 ml Hairdreams Regeneration and
  • 4 x 100 ml Hairdreams Hair Oil or Hairdreams Finish products

You must be able to present proof of purchase for the Hairdreams hair, integration by a (hairdressing) specialist for Hairdreams hair extensions, as well as for the Hairdreams haircare products.

To be able to make an extended product guarantee claim, you must be able to present the respective guarantee card for your Hairdreams hair.

Hairdreams hairdressing partners are instructed to offer their customers a checking service appointment a week after integrating the Hairdreams hair. You as a customer of the hairdresser are obliged to attend this appointment.

What insurance cases are covered?

The Hairdreams hair insurance covers the following manufacturing defects and/or product defects to your Hairdreams hair: dry hair, matting, splitting, extensive hair loss, problems with the connection points, colour fading*, material or processing errors.

*Fading (lightening) of the hair colour is only considered a manufacturing error and/or defect if it occurs within the first 7 days of purchase; no other products may have been used and the fading of the colour may not have been caused by the user. A change in the hair structure for wavy hair/perms/natural curls can only be recognised as an insurance case within the first 7 days of purchase of the Hairdreams hair.

Conditions for your hair insurance:

  • The Hairdreams hair must have been integrated by a trained and licenced Hairdreams partner salon, using the correct fixing method.
  • Your Hairdreams partner salon must offer you an appointment for a checkup service a week after integrating your Hairdreams hair.
  • You as the customer must attend this checkup appointment as well as the recommended service and care appointments.
  • The haircare must be carried out according to our home care instructions and the manufacturer instructions.
  • You must be able to present the Hairdreams guarantee card and/or the product labels that you received when purchasing your Hairdreams hair at your partner salon.
  • You must have purchased and used the aforementioned minimum quantity of Hairdreams haircare products.

Notification of an insurance case

To be able to exert a Hairdreams hair insurance claim, you must do the following:

1.) Contact us within 180 days of purchasing your Hairdreams hair extension by e-mail to to notify the fault and/or defect or fill in our contact form on in full.
2.) Our Helpdesk will seek to contact you by telephone and/or WhatsApp and/or e-mail and will contact your Hairdreams hairdresser who did your Hairdreams hair.
3.) Then in addition you will receive by e-mail a damage form that you must return to us within 5 days fully filled in, including all the requested photos.
4.) In all cases, to exert your Hairdreams hair insurance claim you must go to the hairdresser who fitted your Hairdreams hair and explain the case and the problem in detail. Our Helpdesk will then try together with you and the responsible hairdresser to find a quick and easy solution to your problem.
5.) If your Hairdreams partner salon establishes that there is a manufacturing or product defect, you can have all your Hairdreams hair removed by the Hairdreams hairdresser and send it back to us within 14 days of the first notification.
6.) Our laboratory will examine the hair you have returned and carry out all the necessary tests to establish if there is a manufacturing fault and/or defect.
7.) We will then contact you by e-mail and let you know further details and any potential solutions.

And then?

If it emerges that the hair has a manufacturing fault and/or defect, we will offer you either repair or replacement of the faulty products as we deem suitable, or the (partial) reimbursement of the purchase price. Postage costs are reimbursed.

We are not liable for costs resulting from the diagnosis, removal or reapplication of the hair and these are not covered by the Hairdreams hair insurances.

What is not covered by your Hairdreams hair insurance?

  • Defects caused by improper fitting of the hair
  • Naturak wear caused by normal wearing of the Hairdreams hair
  • Damaged due to incorrect care or improper use of the hair
  • Damage caused by modification, repair attempts or other changes to the product (including bleaching, perms, straightening, dyeing and use of other products that contain colouring)
  • Damage caused by excessive heat; discolouring through chlorine, hard water, water or other substances
  • Fading of the colour due to sun radiation or other circumstances; usage mistakes during home care
  • Damage caused by non-compliane with the home care instructions and/or the care pass
  • Non-compliance with manufacturer instructions


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