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MicroLines –
the immediate solution to hair loss

Are you bothered by thinning hair or bald patches on your crown?

MicroLines fill up your hair with strong and healthy real hair. Permanently, gentle on your own hair and invisibly – even in cases of severe hair loss. Are you ready to change your life?

MicroLines – the magical instant solution

Your MicroLines will give you an even, natural fullness of hair over your whole head, including the hairline. The method is unique worldwide and even helps when conventional solutions reach their limits. Microfine lines (MicroLines) of high-quality Hairdreams real hair are integrated into your own hair – completely invisible and permanently fixed. We thus fill up your available natural hair with additional hair, giving it the volume you have been longing for!

A new zest for life

More and more women are confronted with hair loss and therefore suffer mental strain. Already in the 1990s, Hairdreams experts identified this problem and have been researching solutions. The result?

Our patented MicroLines, which have already helped thousands of customers to achieve natural hair volume. We constantly develop our MicroLines systems further in our test salons and laboratories, ensuring that you can always enjoy the latest patented methods.

Without restrictions

Sport, swimming, dancing, holiday: contrary to hairpieces and wigs, your MicroLines hair thickening fits perfectly in any situation and is like your own hair. You can do everything and enjoy your life to the full!

Made for you

From light, natural volume to XXL fullness – you decide what your MicroLines should look like. A huge choice of immediately available MicroLines models are available for you, with a wide range of hairstyles (for example with or without parting, FreeStyle), in countless colours and hair lengths.

Our customisations are especially popular: any tailormade solution is possible on request.

Your MicroLines: a hand-woven masterpiece

MicroLines consist of tear-resistant, especially skin-friendly and microfine lines. The finest real hair is integrated individually into these – carefully and painstakingly by hand! The MicroLines are meshed into a matrix and are light and air-permeable, so that the scalp can breathe freely. You will scarcely feel them and the MicroLines will seem like your own hair.

Our new lookbook for the MicroLines system is here!

Click on the cover and browse through our many more hairstyle examples:

Fashionable Balayage Hairstyles and Make-up Effects with Hairdreams Root Shadows

Our MicroLines models are also available in a trendy balayage style. The two-coloured Root Shadow strands have a particularly gentle colour gradient and create an absolutely natural look.

If the Root Shadows are integrated in a targeted way, even individual parts of the face can be emphasised – this natural make-up effect is called “HairContouring” and can also be conjured up with MicroLines thickening.

More about the Root Shadows

Personal care at your Hairdreams salon

A trained Hairdreams hairdresser at our Hairdreams Academy-Salon will accompany you on your journey to new hair volume.

  • Your natural hair is analysed in a detailed consultation. Together you will discuss your hairstyle wishes and which of the many solutions is best for you. Then we can provide detailed price information.
  • The finished MicroLines are delivered to your Hairdreams partner salon and fixed to your hairline using a method that is gentle on your own hair and pleasant.
  • As the MicroLines “grow” along with your own hair, the Hairdreams hairdresser will refix them to your hairline at regular intervals. You can therefore be sure that your MicroLines always fit perfectly and reliably.

Can be worn for up to two years

MicroLines consist of absolutely healthy, untreated real hair of the customary Hairdreams premium quality with an intact hair cuticle. You can choose between two high-quality Premium hair qualities. MicroLines-Models of the exclusive 7-star hair quality can be reused several times and can therefore be worn for up to two years or longer, depending on care and the style.

Uschi (62)

My hair feels worlds better compared to a wig and I’m so happy to have found this method.

I wore wigs for years and was therefore already familiar with false hair. But I missed the feeling of “normality”, because I couldn’t do sports or swimming with the wig, as I always had the feeling it would slip. Then I became aware of Hairdreams and took some advice. The advantages of the permanent fixing of MicroLines have been life-changing for me. I can do all leisure activities like dancing or sport and washing and hairdrying also feel absolutely safe.

Anita (65)

I’m a whole new me with a new zest for life!

Because of an illness, I lost all the hair on the whole front of my head a couple of years ago. Then I looked for solutions on the Internet, but at first apart from wigs and hairpieces to clip in I couldn’t find anything. Then my doctor recommended me a Hairdreams salon. My MicroLines is adhered at the front and affixed all around. I cannot put into words how good I feel! I am eternally grateful and can only recommend it from the bottom of my heart.

Inge (55)

I feel good all round again!

During the lockdown 2020, I decided to put an end to the tale of woe with my hair. During the consultation, all my fears and insecurities were allayed and I was already looking forward to finally having a full head of hair again. The first couple of nights the sense of tension on the scalp took a bit of getting used to. Even so, the MicroLines felt as if it was my own hair from the first day. I had absolutely no problems with it. Before that I had felt in public as if I was reduced to my hair problem. This feeling disappeared immediately! I have only received compliments.

Happy customers from our partner salons

Click through further customer reviews and photos with the astounding before and after effect of MicroLines.

customer photos

Beautiful hair is a matter of trust

Your MicroLines in four steps:

  • Simply call us, send us a WhatApp-message, an e-mail or fill out our contact form
  • Arrange a non-binding first appointment and enjoy professional advice
  • Set the date for your big day
  • Enjoy a new zest for life with voluminous hair
Go to the salon

FAQ – Hairdreams MicroLines

How much do MicroLines cost?

Every customer is unique: from their own hair to their hairstyle wishes. Therefore every MicroLines model is also different, as we adapt it to you and your wishes. For example, there are MicroLines with and without a parting, with slight and ample volume, with hair lengths of 20 to 40 cm, as well as individual customisations in any hair length. We therefore cannot state a fixed price in advance.

Our recommendation: arrange a non-binding visit to a Hairdreams salon. The professionals there will provide detailed advice and can then tell you how much your MicroLines will cost.

Does health insurance cover the cost?

In many cases, your health insurance will cover some of the costs. The professionals at our Hairdreams salons can help with the application.

How do I wash and style my hair?

Wash your hair as described in the care instructions. But not to worry: your Hairdreams hairdresser will show you how to do it. You can blow dry and style your hair as usual. With your new hair volume you even have more styling options than before! Wonderful waves with curling tongs? An elegant hairstyle with a hair straightener? Everything is possible.

Special care products will also help to keep your MicroLines and your own hair shiny and smooth. The professionals at our partner salons will give you detailed advice for optimal hair care.

For how long can I wear my MicroLines?

Depending on wear and care, you can enjoy natural hair volume for up to 10 months. If you choose the MicroLines of our legendary 7-star hair quality, you can reuse your MicroLines several times and then wear them for an incredible up to two years!

Do I have to visit a Hairdreams salon regularly with my MicroLines?

Yes, to ensure that your MicroLines are always perfectly integrated into your own hair, they must be refixed to the hairline again every 4 to 6 weeks. The reason is that your own hair is constantly growing and so the MicroLines could otherwise loosen. Your hairdresser can also freshen up your hairstyle at the same time, for example dye the roots again. For a wonderful “fresh from the hairdresser” feeling!

Is real hair used for the MicroLines?

Of course! We exclusively use specially selected premium real hair, sourced throughout the world according to strict ethical criteria. The high quality of the Hairdreams hair is out trademark and one of the reasons why a MicroLines hair thickening lasts up to two years and longer. You will feel and see the difference from day one. An example of why Hairdreams hair is of such high quality: at our own manufacturing, we inspect all hair INDIVIDUALLY – strand for strand – and reliably discard hair that is damaged or of an unsuitable colour. For your MicroLines, only the best and finest real hair is used.

Can I expect restrictions in everyday life?

Contrary to conventional hairpieces, toupets or wigs, with MicroLines you have absolutely no restrictions. Enjoy a completely new zest for life! Swimming in the sea, a windy cabriolet drive or a wonderful hiking tour? All of this is possible without compromise, just like with your own hair. With MicroLines you need not worry about anything slipping. The MicroLines are worn permanently and fit perfectly and reliably.

Are the MicroLines harmful to my own hair or scalp?

No, we pay careful attention to being gentle on your hair and scalp! The MicroLines consist of microfine lines that you can hardly feel and which are particularly skin-friendly and air-permeable. Your scalp can breathe freely and you will enjoy an incomparably pleasant wearing sensation.

Can I dye my own hairline whilst wearing the MicroLines?

Self-dyeing is not recommended due to the special properties of the MicroLines. But not to worry: at the regular service visits to your Hairdreams salon, the hairline can be dyed conveniently every 4 to 6 weeks. So you do not need to take care of anything.

Can MicroLines be worn even in case of very severe hair loss or bald patches?

Yes, MicroLines were even developed for precisely these hair situations. When conventional methods reach their limits, because for example to little natural hair is available or the bald patches are too big, your MicroLines will easily conjure natural hair volume. As we also have the possibility to make individual customisations, we can help you to achieve thick, full hair without exception for any hair problem.

How long does a customisation take?

Every customisation is a unique item that is made carefully by hand. From the order to delivery to your Hairdreams salon, it takes on average 2 to 3 months. For frequently occurring cases, however, we already have a wide selection of over 400 premade, immediately available models in stock that can be delivered to your salon in a few days.

What distinguishes MicroLines from a wig?

Your greatest advantage: with the MicroLines you have absolutely no restrictions in everyday life and leisure. This is not the case for the conventional wig, as you have to constantly pay attention that it has not slipped and is fitted propertly. With MicroLines, on the other hand, you can do everything you like without compromise. From a spontaneous hiking tour or a trip to the lake to swimming in the sea. The MicroLines are invisible and permanently integrated into your own hair, therefore becoming part of it. Your scalp can breathe freely and there are no restrictions when it comes to hairstyling.


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