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Happy customers from our partner salons

Gabi (43)

It feels like my own hair and I can’t imagine being without it anymore!

I have been wearing a MicroLines upper scalp thickening for almost 15 years. Because of an autoimmune disease, I lost my hair on the top of my scalp very early on. Hairdreams was my saviour, as it were! Of course it is not cheap, but for me it is worth every cent. I like changing my hair colour sometimes and that is super easy with MicroLines – whether it is light brown, red or chocolate-coloured! In addition, I’m also currently wearing a couple of Quikkies tape extensions in the neck area to make my locks a bit longer.

Diana (48)

Thank you Hairdreams, I love it!

I’ve had fine hair ever since I was a child, a particular problem at the top of the head. All hairdressers always said there was nothing to be done. Extensions could only be fitted underneath it, otherwise they would be visible. But then I found Hairdreams and thanks to MicroLines I finally have full and natural-looking hair. I’m so happy, whether I’m dancing, walking in the rain or enjoying sport… It has completely changed how I feel about my hair and really makes me happy!

Renate (62)

I feel good all round and am enjoying the feeling of “normality”!

My MicroLines hair feels like my own hair. At the very beginning the sensation of having something on my head was somewhat unfamiliar, but I soon got used to it and now I can’t imagine being without it. I can handle it well, even at home. With MicroLines, styling is even less effort than with my fine, thin own hair. I had to style it a lot longer before I had a “going out hairdo”!


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