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Hair thickening on the crown

Are you fighting against naturally fine hair and simply cannot get any volume?

Would you like more voluminous and full hair especially at the parting and on the crown? Tired of uncomfortable and visually visible hairpieces? Then we have the perfect immediate solution for you!

Hair thickening with MicroLines

The patented MicroLines method will give you an even and natural hair volume over your whole head, including at the hairline. It is unique worldwide and even helps when other thickening methods reach their limits. 

Microfine lines, fitted with high-quality Hairdreams real hair, are integrated into your own hair – permanently and completely invisibly. We therefore fill up your available own hair with additional hair, resulting in just the volume you wish!

A full head of hair without restrictions

With MicroLines you can enjoy your life to the full – without any compromises. A spontaneous wellness holiday? A wild motorcycle tour? An intense workout? Unlike clip-on artificial hairpieces, your MicroLines fit reliably and comfortably in every situation.

  • No restrictions in everyday life
  • Fixed invisibly and permanently
  • Gentle on your own hair and scalp
  • Feels and looks like your own hair

Our new lookbook for the MicroLines system is here!

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Fashionable Balayage Hairstyles and Make-up Effects with Hairdreams Root Shadows

Our MicroLines models are also available in a trendy balayage style. The two-coloured Root Shadow strands have a particularly gentle colour gradient and create an absolutely natural look.

If the Root Shadows are integrated in a targeted way, even individual parts of the face can be emphasised – this natural make-up effect is called “HairContouring” and can also be conjured up with MicroLines thickening.

More about the Root Shadows

This is how it works

  • Our MicroLines are a special form of hair integration with real hair. They consist of tear-resistant, particularly skin-friendly and microfine lines. We fix individual real hair strands to these lines (MicroLines) – carefully by hand! Your MicroLines are adapted perfectly to the shape of your head, your own hair and your chosen hairstyle.
  • At the Hairdreams salon, you MicroLines are fitted on the hairline in around 30 minutes, using a method that is gentle on the skin and hair. The hair beneath it is carefully drawn through between the lines. Contrary to hairpieces or toupets, your new Hairdreams hair merges magically with your own hair for an absolutely natural result!

Customised care

Caring for your Hairdreams hair is easy and time-saving. Thanks to our specially developed care products your MicroLines and your own hair are supplied with important nutrients. Your hair will therefore remain smooth and shiny for an especially long time. For healthier and noticeably stronger hair.

Can be worn for up to two years

MicroLines of customary Hairdreams quality are made of healthy, untreated real hair with an intact hair cuticle. Thanks to the exclusive 7-star hair quality  your can reuse your MicroLines several times and therefore enjoy them for up to two years.

Daniela (41)

The MicroLines have changed my life!

I’ve already been wearing Hairdreams hair for over 10 years. Hair loss started for me during pregnancy and unfortunately the hair never grew back as I would have liked. I started with a small MicroLines, now I’m wearing a larger one with a parting. I really love it! It was already clear to me after my first appointment that I did not want to live one more day with my own “feathers”. Hairdreams has given me a good feeling with every type of system that I never want to do without again.

Birgit (48)

Finally having thick hair again is a feeling that makes me more secure and self-confident!

I’ve been a Hairdreams customer for about 3 years. I felt at ease from the first consultation and soon decided on a MicroLines 40 cm long. In the beginning it was a little difficult to take care of it at home, but now I’m quite a pro. Most of all, I like the natural wave of the Hairdreams hair. The hair is also surprisingly easy to tame.

Nicole (34)

A Hairdreams upper head hair thickening is simply perfect for me!

I’m absolutely delighted and grateful to have found Hairdreams. I had always had very fine hair, but it was getting thinner and more brittle on the top of the head year by year. Just before my 30th birthday, I decided that I was too young for wispy hai and now I have been wearing MicroLines for 4 years. I deal with customers a lot in my work and therefore it is especially important to me for my hair thickening not to be visible. Nobody would guess that it is not my own hair, because MicroLines is absolutely invisible. I myself feel as if it were my own hair!

Happy customers from our partner salons

Click through further customer reviews and photos with the astounding before and after effect of MicroLines

before and after MicroLines

Beautiful hair is a matter of trust

How to get your MicroLines:

  1. Simply call us, send us a WhatApp-message, an e-mail or fill out our contact form
  2. Arrange a non-binding first appointment and enjoy detailed advice
  3. Set the date for your big day
  4. Enjoy your new zest for life with voluminous dream hair
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FAQ – Hairdreams MicroLines

What does MicroLines hair thickening cost?

Like every Hairdreams hair thickening, MicroLines are also tailored precisely to you. So you can be sure that the result looks just as you wish. There are for example MicroLines with or without a parting, with slight and ample volume, with hair lengths of 20 to 40 cm, as well as individual customisations in any hair length. It is therefore not possible to state a reliable price in advance.

We therefore recommend: arrange a non-binding visit at our Hairdreams salon. When our professionals have a clear picture of your hair situation and your wishes, a cost estimate is possible.

Is the cost covered by health insurance?

In many cases, your health insurance will cover part of the costs. The professionals at our Hairdreams salons can help you with the application.

How to I wash and style my hair?

Wash your hair as described in the care instructions. Your Hairdreams hairdresser will show you exactly what to do. You can blow dry and style your hair as usual. With the new hair volume you even have more styling options than before: fabulous locks with the curling iron? An elegant hairstyle with straightening tongs? All of this is possible.

Special care products will also help to keep your MicroLines and own hair shiny and smooth. But not to worry, the professionals at our partner salons will give you detailed advice for optimal hair care.

How long can I wear my MicroLines for?

Thanks to our first-class hair quality you can wear your MicroLines for two years and longer. Incredible but true! For a perfect fit and pleasant wearing sensation, we recommend that you have them refixed to your hairline approx. every 4 to 6 weeks at your Hairdreams salon. In addition to these regular service visits, our specially developed care products will ensure that you can enjoy new hair volume for an especially long time.

Do I have to visit the salon regularly with my MicroLines?

Yes. Every 4 to 6 weeks, your hairdresser will refix your MicroLines to your hairline. This is necessary because your own hair is constantly growing and so the MicroLines could loosen. With regular service visits, however, they will always fit perfectly and reliably. At the same time, your hair could also be cut or redyed. For that wonderful “fresh from the hairdresser” feeling.

Do the MicroLines consist of real hair?

Of course! We only use specially selected premium real hair, selected according to strict ethical criteria. The high quality of our real hair is also our trademark. You will feel and see the difference from day one. An example of why Hairdreams hair is of such high quality: at our own manufacturing we inspect all hair INDIVIDUALLY – strand for strand – and reliably discard damaged or grey hair.

Are the MicroLines also suitable for fine hair?

Yes! The MicroLines are not only suitable for this but have even been specially developed for fine, delicate hair. When conventional methods reach their limits, because for example too little natural hair is available, the MicroLines will easily conjure natural hair volume.

Will I be able to feel the MicroLines?

The MicroLines consist of microfine lines that can scarcely be felt, are particularly skin-friendly and air-permeable. Your scalp can therefore breathe freely and you will enjoy an incomparably pleasant wearing sensation.


Contrary to conventional hairpieces, toupets or wigs, with MicroLines you have absolutely no restrictions. Enjoy a completely new zest for life! Swimming in the sea, a windy cabriolet drive or a wonderful hiking tour? All of this is possible without compromise, just like with your own hair. With MicroLines you need not worry about anything slipping. The MicroLines are worn permanently and fit perfectly and reliably.

Which hairstyles are possible?

As the MicroLines hair thickening is adapted to your wishes, any hairstyle is possible! You can choose where the parting should be, whether it is with or without a ponytail, what length you would like and much more. With our wide selection of immediately available models, you can let your hairstyling imagination run wild. In addition, we can make your very own customised MicroLines model – with any hairstyle you would like.

Can I dye my own hairline whilst wearing MicroLines?

Dyeing your hair yourself is not recommended due to the particular properties of MicroLines. But not to worry: at the regular service visits to your Hairdreams salon the hairline can be conveniently dyed every 4 to 6 weeks.


Hairpieces are artificial or natural hair additions that are used to improve the appearance and fullness of hair or to conceal hair loss.

However, the Microlines system sets itself far apart from conventional hairpieces. The innovative and ultra-modern solution can be integrated absolutely invisibly into your own hair. The permanent attachment ensures maximum wearing comfort and you can be sure that – no matter what your hobby – nothing will slip out of place!


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