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Festive Hairstyles with Extensions

Beyond the ball season, there are numerous occasions throughout the year when you want to showcase your most stylish side. A hairstyle that complements your outfit and enhances your natural beauty is crucial. When it comes to hair extensions, the big question is “How can I best hide the connection points?”. We’ve compiled a few expert tips to ensure your hairstyle turns heads at the next event.

Tip: For an even fluffier look, curl individual strands before styling. Whether you want to style your own hair or get it done at a salon, you can find inspiration for beautiful hairstyles online.

What hairstyles work with extensions?

Hair extensions are perfect for creating effortlessly chic and elegant hairstyles. This is easy to create with your hands and should look effortless, but put-together. It’s important not to style your hair too tightly. Instead, pull out a few strands from the finished hairstyle to create a relaxed look.

Braids are another great option for hair extensions. Loosely braided braids not only look beautiful, but they’re also comfortable to wear. You can try a half-up, half-down look to showcase your long hair. In this style, the top part of your hair is up, while the bottom part falls down your back in loose waves.

Want something more glamorous? Even elaborate and tightly styled hairstyles are no problem with Hairdreams extensions.

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