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The Colour of the Year 2024 for Your Hair

The hottest colour in 2024 is ‘Peach Fuzz’ – a gorgeous peachy hue that’s all about celebrating self-love. It’s as if we foresaw this trend! At the end of 2023, we launched ‘Copper Peach’, a hair colour that’s strikingly similar to ‘Peach Fuzz’.

More Than Just a Passing Trend

Every year since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute has unveiled a ‘Color of the Year’. This chosen colour is designed to complement contemporary materials, shapes, textures, and designs. The selection process is thoughtful and intentional, with each colour reflecting attributes that resonate with the current zeitgeist.

2024’s Pantone Colour of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Meet ‘Peach Fuzz’, the colour that’s defining 2024. Officially designated as ‘Pantone 13-2023’, this soft peach shade is a light, warm orange that radiates both warmth and gentleness.

When choosing this year’s colour, the Pantone Color Institute focused on essential elements like health, resilience, and strength. Their goal is to highlight the importance of nurturing our inner selves. This includes valuing human connections, taking time to reflect, and embracing creativity. Laurie Pressman, the Vice President of the Institute, explains that ‘Peach Fuzz’ represents a deep yearning to be close to our loved ones. The colour aims to convey a sense of warmth and tranquillity, echoing messages of kindness and empathy.

‘Peach Fuzz’ isn’t just a colour; it’s a call to bring people closer in a world often dominated by technology and screens. It also symbolises hope for a more peaceful 2024, where our relentless pursuit of more is balanced with a touch of gentleness and understanding.

Get no-obligation Advice and Become a Trendsetter!

Ready for a fresh start in the new year? Captivated by our ‘Copper Peach’?

Why not drop by our Academy salon for a free, no-obligation consultation? You could soon be flaunting the hottest hair colour of 2024!

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